The TAJ at Apollo Bunder

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In 'The TAJ at Apollo Bunder', the historians Charles Allen and Sharada Dwivedi tell the story of this unique institution, as much beloved an icon as the Gateway of India. This 'Tata's White Elephant' is today the true symbol of the everlasting spirit of Mumbai.

Working closely with well known historians to create this magnum opus was a tremendous humbling experience. With great joy the JAK team put together 336 pages of history, bringing out the essence of the book by creating the cover with uncoated paper, gold foil-stamping & embossing to match the unparalleled history of this institution. This impressive book was presented in a custom made box adding to its royal appearance.

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Hard bound book - The TAJ at Apollo Bunder
Hardcover book - The TAJ at Apollo Bunder
Hardback book - The TAJ at Apollo Bunder
Hardbound book - The TAJ at Apollo Bunder