Meet Mumbai´s only print house with a design studio, pre-press, printing, bindery, dispatch and Heidelberg CTP machines under one roof. Providing start to perfect finish-printing solutions; from beautiful coffee table books to versatile calendars, comprehensive brochures to attractive catalogues, brightly hued posters to product packaging, we add value at every stage.


As you walk through stacks of printed products at the JAK complex, you will also encounter the proud hands behind each exquisitely printed product. Everyone at JAK is hands-on. Our Founders are print professionals, proficient in every process and machine in the company. Our teams are trained in-house, so individual skills are honed over time.

With training and development forming an integral part of our large team, our people gain an in-depth knowledge of equipment and process resulting in a rewarding product. Our success is proof of the technical ability and teamwork, which enables us to deliver the 'unexpected extra' resulting in total customer satisfaction and in turn leads to growth.


Personal attention and Social awareness guides all procedures and practices within our complex. Not just towards our clients, but as importantly towards our people. This involvement reflects in our processes as much as in the end product. Whether it is a big commercial project, giving employment to the visually challenged or printing and distributing free of cost books, we give our best to our people as well as the environment.

'Green printing' at JAK revolves around recycling our waste or recycling our paper, using our own water, electricity conservation, low chemical usage and of course, lots of greenery in every corner of the compound, including a 100 year old tree that stands tall.