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Maharana of Mewar

" Please accept our best wishes as JAK Printers crosses yet another milestone of completing three decades of services in the printing industry! It is a pleasure to be penning these few words as a tribute, an acknowledgement of the fine support that we, at Maharana of Mewar Charitable Foundation in Udaipur, have been receiving from you, your family-members and the professional teams at JAK.

It is not the quantum of work that we have done but the intensity of involvement and dedication to the projects which defines your service excellence. Please keep up the good work and more power to your teams! We hope, in the years to come, JAK will continue to remain a pillar of support for us. Our good wishes are always there with you."


Noted Architect, Urban Planner,
Activist and Theoretician

"The work of JAK Printers is really brilliant. Every time they are faced with a new problem, they rise to the occasion with a combination of imagination and technical creativity that is unique. Over the years they've completed a number of assignments for us - including an exquisite portfolio of Monika's weaving last year that won them the Gold Medal for Printing. They are a real institution in our city - and we wish them great success in the years to come."


Renowned Surgical Oncologist

  • Excellence in all aspects of service.
  • Offering competitive rates.
  • Always willing to help.
  • Contributing very useful suggestions in planning a quality product.
  • Maintaining time schedules & responding to unexpected urgencies in completing the product.
  • Impeccable integrity & honesty.
  • World class quality that is second to none.
  • Exceeding customer expectations, always.


Photographer, Publisher, Screenwriter and Filmmaker

"It is always a joy to print at JAK. Khushru, Aspi and their entire staff are always at the top of their game. Walking into JAK makes me feel like I've entered another world, far removed from the stress and madness of the city. It is an oasis of excellence filled with calm, good humour and a compassionate management."


Art Director

"Working with JAK is truly like working with family! From the moment you embark on a project until it is completed, the dedication and care that the entire team takes with each project is not only heartwarming but also extremely professional…

JAK printers welcomes each project as one of their own and the personal touch of each team member is what has created their hallmark of excellence."


Chairperson, USV Limited

"My book, a biography, was my very first, and although there was a lot of excitement as it went to print there was also concern and confusion, since my options were numerous… I was led thru this maze of choices by Khushru who repeatedly assured me that the final product would be outstanding…and it was!"


Publisher, Pictor Publishing

"Khushru Patel and his team at JAK Printers are amongst the most reputable and skilled group of people I have worked with in my 22 years as a publisher of illustrated books. That they are outstanding printers, delivering superlative quality of international standards, goes without saying. But it's Khushru's sense of adventure, in attempting the most challenging of production processes and then executing them to perfection, that brought a thrill to every title that we printed together.

Everyone at JAK - Aspi, Anuj, Bakhtyar, and now Zeenia and Parvana- have been amazing, with their quiet, yet strong, support during all the crazy last minute instructions and changes in quantities or specs. I wish them unbounded success in the years ahead."


President, Eternal Gandhi & Special Projects, Aditya Birla Group

"…Not many, I have known, have this kind of feelings, affection, passion... May the Almighty shower on you tones of success and above all, happiness, satisfaction and peace."


Author, Publisher, Auto Magazine
Editor and Columnist

"JAK to me is all about 'passion'. Passion for printing. Passion for paper. Passion for processing. Passion for production. Passion for perfection. The entire team at JAK is driven by their desire to create perfect products. I have done all my books with them and have never felt the need to go anywhere else. This is home."


Creative Director
Full Moon Creative Services Pvt. Ltd.

"JAK printers exemplify quality and professionalism. State of the art printing facilities and experienced staff help turn our designs into world-class products, in spite of our, sometimes ridiculous deadlines. Add to that the personal involvement of the owners Khushru and Aspi, with their eye for color and the finer details of press work and you have a winning combination. I cannot ask for more."


Writer, Editor and Publisher

"I have just wrapped up my third book with JAK Printers in as many years as an independent publisher... and just know they're the people I will be with on future projects too. Outstanding work delivered with great respect for deadline and attention to detail, suggesting creative ideas and executing them within reasonable budgets – Khushru Patel and his team do it all. Kudos to him for the passion and individualised care lavished on every single job, smallest to biggest. What's wonderful is that everyone in the JAK family takes pride in their role and is a pleasure to liaise with. More strength to their professionalism and dedication. The magic and power of the printed word is really in the best hands here! "


Graphic Designer

"…Not many, I have known, have this kind of feelings, affection, passion... May the Almighty shower on you tones of success and above all, happiness, satisfaction and peace."



"There are thousands of printers. JAK stands out for two reasons: Quality and Customer Service. The people at JAK make me feel that my project is the most important job to them. Once I brief them on a job, it is a job done! JAK meets all the challenges, no matter how complicated and intricate the job is, they strive to get the best. In fact, at JAK, they enjoy a challenge."



"There are several restaurants in Bombay and there is the purity and warmth of a home food. There are several printers in Bombay and there is JAK"


Superknit Industries

"I have been working with JAK since inception, about 28 year. Khushru has a keen eye for detail and is a perfectionist at his work. His printing, gives vibrations, and seem to converse. If it is a fruit it seems to tempt, if a location, it seems to invite.

Only quality does not get you where JAK Printers Pvt Ltd, has reached. Besides hard work, and fair play, it is "BEING HUMAN" in both Khushru, and Aspi, that has got them where they are. It was Meheru who stood as a rock, and encouraged them, in their difficult times.

That JAK delivers wonderful jobs, is not sufficient reason for success. Khushru and Aspi, have trained a group of individuals to a highly motivated team
and that is the secret of their success.

Keep it up, and best luck for the future"


Editor and Publisher
Index Media Pvt. Ltd.

"Khushru, Vincent, Bhau and all the team at JAK have been friends and partners in the IFJ adventure from the very first edition… That was 50 editions of IFJ ago! Their eye for detail, and high quality printing services are invaluable…"