Madhushala – The House of Wine

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'Madhushala' conceptulised and written in 1933 has been recreated for the english reader interested in better understanding of one of Harivansh Rai Bachchan's greatest and most popular poetic works. His granddaughter Namrita has further enhanced this by her own artistic interpretations and response through exquisite and unique art forms on canvas.

Creating this wonderful book for one of the most loved and popular families in India needed JAK to give its best to match the high standards of this family. The dedicated team at JAK worked on this book, from long intense production meetings to the exceptional paper quality used for printing. The innovative custom made box with gold & red foil-stamping and the traditional binding gave an earthy feeling to this treasured book. The print version of the paintings lovingly created by Namrita brought alive the emotions behind this poetry, furthermore, JAK made it possible to showcase the same with multiple gate-folds.

Innovative Printing

National Award for Excellence

Art Book - Madhushala
Art Book Printing - Madhushala
Art Book Printer - Madhushala
Innovative Printing - Madhushala